Thursday, 3 October 2013

Little Pot of Goodness | Lush Review | Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

Lush, that store you can smell from at least 3 miles away. It’s not a shop I would say I ever really go in. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve ventured in to poke the shower jelly and try a few bits and bobs, strangely never a bath bomb though which is what Lush is known for. So anyway, me and Lush, we never really got to know each other until quite recently.
For a while now I’ve been trying to move into the natural beauty/make up area, as I think it’s better for my skin. This is mainly because of breakouts, and all that other fun stuffs my face likes to do now and then. So I’ve got my skin care down, and I was looking to embellish it with fun, helpful things like face masks! Now there’s a bunch of home recipes floating around the internet, but I’m lazy and wanted something I can just go and buy and slap on, without breaking the bank. Naturally (heh) Lush kept popping up when I was researching, so I figured I might as well give it a go. I didn’t go in knowing what I wanted, beside a fresh face mask. After reading the descriptions in store, and sniffing/poking a few of the different options, I ended up coming out with Cosmetic Warrior. This is supposed to target break outs, by calming them down and treating them.

First impressions
 I like that it has to be kept in the fridge, as it’s basically mashed up food for your face, you can’t get much more natural than that. Also, because it’s fresh it has a short life span, (3-4 weeks)  I think I will be forced to make the effort to use it or lose it, which will most likely give better results. Plus it feels good because it’s cold out of the fridge :]
 So firstly, the texture is kind of a rubbery paste, so it sticks to your face well. The smell however...Wow! I did read the ingredients, but when I sniffed it in store it didn’t smell of anything...looking back though, how well can you actually smell anything specifically in Lush! Haha. The garlic, tea tree and egg are strong, it gave me a bit of a shock, so as you can imagine it doesn’t smell pretty! I got used to the smell after a couple of minutes and it was all fine, nothing too bad or unbearable.
So I walked around the house looking beautiful, with a porridge-esque paste on my face, with actual garlic chunks for about 10 minutes. I found that tingled a smidge at first, and then it started to dry out. When I washed it off, I was pleasantly surprised at how much calmer the breakouts were, and my skin felt moisturised and soft.
I always get scared when I try a new skin care item, in case it just hinders what I’m trying to heal, however I’m glad I tried this as I genuinely feel it is helping. I used this for the first time after I removed makeup for bed, and I think it aided my other night time products, making them work better. For £5.95 I love this little pot of goodness, I reckon I will get another 2 uses out of it, so it’s good value for money.
I’m itching to try something else from Lush now! Any suggestions?

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