Thursday, 26 September 2013

St Ives | Mini Staycation

Hello :]
I learnt how to schedule blog posts, which is super handy because I was away in Cornwall last week on a little break. Not that I think you would noticed, and also because the auto upload makes it seem like I'm here when I'm not! Which is nice and sad all at the same time.
Technology eh.
We (me and boyfriend) made the long trip down in the car, and stayed in St Ives, or as we liked to call it 'St Ive-not-seen-a-real-road-since-we-left-the-motorway.....S'.
It’s such a pretty place, and we were in a prime location (for walking, not driving!) pretty much in the centre of the village/town, in a cute, little rented apartment. If you’re into your arts & craft then this is definitely a place you should consider visiting, it’s literally jam packed with designer makers and one off pieces of work, ranging from drawings and paintings, to clothes, ceramics and surfboards. I thought I’d share a few pictures with you, because that will give you a better idea than I ever could with words!

As you can see from the bottom left image, I really enjoy a good cream tea haha.
If you are going, I highly recommend that you try Blas Burger Works, the food is incredible. Seriously yummy! I had a BBQ burger which I could have eaten a million times over, and the chips are served in a cute little tea cup with a delicious garlic mayo dip. However, the most impressive thing is the fact that everything in there is reclaimed, recycled or eco friendly. The furniture is cool and quirky, much like the walls and cutlery holders. It’s a really engaging place, which something to see everywhere you turn.
Also if you are of age and enjoy a tipple, it is imperative that you try the Cornish cider (or cyder) Rattler. You may only need the one though, as this stuff is potent at 6%. Nice and tasty though after a long trek across a couple of beaches, and easy to find as it’s on tap pretty much everywhere you go. You can get the full experience at Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm, about 40 mins away from St Ives.
We did a ghost walk of St Ives too, went to Newquay, visited the towns close by, lost a bunch of money in the arcades, gain a lots of pounds in weight from the great food, and generally just took in the nice harbour air and relaxed. Prefect. The weather was nice for us too!
Have you been to St Ives, or are you planning on going?
Let me know :]

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I'm Walking on Spiderman, Whooa | DIY Comic Book Shoes

Hey there :]
My friend transformed her high heels into cool comic book shoes for her birthday, (Avengers style) and I was so amazed that I had to re-create them myself.
It's super easy too, it just takes some preparation and crafting time. I comic booked my flats, just plain, cheap, black ballerina pumps, but I feel like this works better on shoes with some structure – like high heels, or converse etc. I won’t be paddling in any puddles with these babies, but I will defiantly take them for a sunny stroll somewhere :]
Obviously they’re delicate, but they're just so cool that I don’t even care! Haha. They would be great for fancy dress too - Halloween is coming up fast.

*Spiderman Theme Tune*
I also did my phone case :] as it’s basically just some collage and decoupage. You could do notebook covers, furniture, storage boxes, notice board, or even a clutch bag! (Maybe...I might be getting adventurous; I may have to trial that one.) It’s so easy to customise this too, you can use newspaper, magazines or different comic books, the options are pretty vast.

Basically you just choose your footwear, choose your comics, cut up the comics, and paste the cut-outs onto you shoes with modge podge, or watered down PVA. Seal with a couple of layers of full strength PVA and your good to go!
I understand if you are horrified at the thought of cutting up a favourite comic, as my boyfriend was unable to speak to me when I explained what I was doing. He just watched, pained, as I chopped into some Spidey-man scenes.
However, I like to think of this as a way of sharing and preserving.
I’ve got a video on how to do it here, so if you have a few minutes to spare then please feel free to go and have a little watch.
Let me know what you think, and if you try this out :]

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sleek MakeUp Pout Polish | Pink Cadillac | Review

Hey there!
You know when you buy something on a whim and it turns out to be waaaaay better than you could have ever imagined? So then you feel like you’ve found something magical...Well, I had that experience a week ago when I bought
Sleek MakeUp Pout Polish

Honestly, I didn't go in to the shop with the intention of buying this, all I really wanted was a drink. However, to get to the drinks I *had* to walk through the makeup. It’s a very clever layout, and I am totally susceptible to the goal of the plan, hence the purchase of the lip product.
 I’m not sorry though :] I feel that they did me a favour, because this little pot of shiny-ness has not been out of my handbag. In fact it has made friends with all the other lip products that like to hang out in my bag. I don’t know how they get there... 
Anyway, it caught my eye because the colour was so pretty, and when I swatched it, it was way more pigmented than I thought it would be, so I figured I had to buy it. I got the colour ‘Pink Cadillac’, which is a nice, bright pink. I love it because it’s somewhere between a tinted balm and a full on lip gloss, with a full but subtle colour. That being said, the staying power is roughly an hour before the shine wears off, but it’s easy to reapply without a mirror. Obviously the packaging is fairly simple, but it doesn't bother me and it works fine. It smells strongly of sweet vanilla, so if scents put you off then this might not be for you. The pout polish feels nice on the lips, silky and moisturising, plus it has SPF 15. Nice little bonus.

I really like this, and think for £4.49 it’s perfect for a more natural look, or if you’re popping out for food and want a little colour, but with low maintenance.

Have you tried it? Let me know :]


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Boots Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream | Review

Lately  I’ve been looking for cheaper alternatives for the crazy high end stuff I got addicted to...
(thanks blogs/youtube/social media)
First up on my list was the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream. Now I love this stuff, like give up your first born kinda love. It moisturises beautifully, feels great as it’s thick and creamy but still lightweight, and actually primes the eyes for concealer. This means that your make up doesn’t crease or make its way down your face in a crazy skin coloured river. Bonus. So after perusing the options in different drugstores/high street shops, I tried a few and then came across this little gem.
Boots Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream

 Not only have they stole a similar name, they whacked sensitive in there too! Which I must admit was a bit of the draw, as my eyes are prone to stinging and watering with some products. It does all of what the Bobbi Brown does and for a fraction of the price. I mean, £2.99 vs £31.00!? For exactly the same amount, 15ml. I’m not looking of de-puffing or dark circle reducing stuff, I just want my eye skin to feel happy and moisturised, which is what this does for me.
It’s worth a try if you’re in the market for a cheap alternative :]