Thursday, 19 September 2013

I'm Walking on Spiderman, Whooa | DIY Comic Book Shoes

Hey there :]
My friend transformed her high heels into cool comic book shoes for her birthday, (Avengers style) and I was so amazed that I had to re-create them myself.
It's super easy too, it just takes some preparation and crafting time. I comic booked my flats, just plain, cheap, black ballerina pumps, but I feel like this works better on shoes with some structure – like high heels, or converse etc. I won’t be paddling in any puddles with these babies, but I will defiantly take them for a sunny stroll somewhere :]
Obviously they’re delicate, but they're just so cool that I don’t even care! Haha. They would be great for fancy dress too - Halloween is coming up fast.

*Spiderman Theme Tune*
I also did my phone case :] as it’s basically just some collage and decoupage. You could do notebook covers, furniture, storage boxes, notice board, or even a clutch bag! (Maybe...I might be getting adventurous; I may have to trial that one.) It’s so easy to customise this too, you can use newspaper, magazines or different comic books, the options are pretty vast.

Basically you just choose your footwear, choose your comics, cut up the comics, and paste the cut-outs onto you shoes with modge podge, or watered down PVA. Seal with a couple of layers of full strength PVA and your good to go!
I understand if you are horrified at the thought of cutting up a favourite comic, as my boyfriend was unable to speak to me when I explained what I was doing. He just watched, pained, as I chopped into some Spidey-man scenes.
However, I like to think of this as a way of sharing and preserving.
I’ve got a video on how to do it here, so if you have a few minutes to spare then please feel free to go and have a little watch.
Let me know what you think, and if you try this out :]

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