Thursday, 12 December 2013

New Winter Booties | Dr Marten Meg Boots | Review

One of the things I love about winter is the cosy clothing, especially winter boots. I was desperately in need of a new pair, as my current ones had seen much better days! I was searching through a few online stores, and ended up on the Dr Martens page, and it was pretty much love at first sight. I’ve heard good things about the quality and comfort of DMs, and as a company with orthopaedic roots I figured this would be another good reason to look into them, as I have Scoliosis which affects my stance and walk slightly. (Think leaning tower of Pisa)
Now I’m not the type of girl who could pull off the traditional lace ups, but they have some other really nice styles, ranging from Mary-Janes to Chelsea boots. I think I have a kind of relaxed grunge/rock style, you’ll always find me in skinny jeans, and if they aren’t black then they’re dark denim. Add a burnt out tee or jersey top, some kind of leopard print and a leather jacket and you’ve pretty much got my wardrobe. As you can imagine, a pair of biker boots go with nearly everything I wear, so that is what I got.
Say hello to the Dr Marten Meg Boots :]
I also like that Meg is Gem backwards...small things.

It took me a while to actually make the purchase, because £130 to me is a big deal to blow on some shoes. Although, collectively my little shopping trips throughout the month probably come to much more than that, but that’s irrelevant!
 Anyway, to make sure I did really want them I waited (and saved up!) a couple of months, and the fact that I still kept looking at them online and imagining my current outfits with them, I knew they were the ones. I have no regrets about buying them, and honestly I think they were a really good investment. They are so comfortable! It’s like walking on clouds, hence air walkers, and the sole on them is ridiculously thick and perfect for this blizzard weather we’ve been promised in the North West! They’re much heavier than I thought they would be, but really quiet considering the weight of them. I'm more stealthy than stompy in them, my only issue was getting them on at first...and then off. They're just slip on's so it took a couple of goes to break them in. 
I’ve worn them for work all week and have no blisters or discomfort, and I’m on my feet consistently for at least 6 hours. Over all I’m super happy with them, and look forward to many long years of happiness and adventures in them! In fact you can actually pay £20 for a ‘For Life’ guarantee, and Dr Martens will replace your shoes if they wear out. Heh.
If you’re in the market for some winter booties and want something that will last, I would go and have a look at Dr Martens :]

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Holidays Are Coming... | Coca Cola Truck Liverpool

I went to see the Coca Cola truck! I can’t explain how excited I was to see it in real life, it was like re visiting my childhood self that got so excited for Santa that I couldn’t keep still. As soon as I see that advert on TV I know it is official Christmas time.
(Holidays are coming...)
I went to see it in Liverpool, and it was so pretty and red and sparkly. Sadly the queue for a picture with the signpost was ridiculously long, so I settled for looking at the other 3 sides of the truck :]
There’s just something magical about lots of people venturing out to the same destination, getting excited about the same thing, like a gig/concert, that fun and united, electric atmosphere. Can’t beat it, I think it’s one of the best feelings.
So yeah, if the truck is stopping near you, I suggest you go and accept Christmas is here in the best possible way.
 All I need now is to see/hear the Toys R Us advert! Haha.