Thursday, 27 March 2014

I've Been Climbing Stuff Instead of Blogging | Bouldering Fun & Newb Tips

I’ve been gone a while huh? 
Sorry, I kind of got sucked into a new hobby which took over everything!

The last couple of months I’ve been climbing, well, to be more specific bouldering. It’s kind of like rock climbing but without ropes or harnesses. You do have thick, chunky mats to break your fall though so it’s all okay. I'm just climbing indoors at the minute, I kind of like my limbs in one piece and not broken! One day I’ll climb outside hopefully, because bouldering is so fun! I never in a million years would have gone myself, it’s only for the fact that my boyfriend went with his friends and really loved it that I ended up going. I’m so glad I did :] it’s such good exercise too, just think yoga on a wall, or sometimes it can look like an intense game of vertical Twister. 

Basically, you have routes to climb which differ in level, and they’re made up of different holds which are made to mimic outdoor climbing. There are different level routes which are usually gauged by the V-scale, and generally the higher the number the harder the route. However, based on your height, weight, strength etc, you may be able to climb a harder route instead of an easier one. It’s a pretty addictive sport, especially if you’re one for setting personal goals. 

So that is where I have been, climbing walls and falling off them repeatedly :D (safely!)

If you’re into sports or outdoor activities then I highly recommend you go Google bouldering, and find somewhere to climb in your area.

A few tips if you do  want to try it out:


Generally climbing gyms are cold to stop the holds from getting slippery, so wear light layers you can take off as you get warmer. But what do I wear? I just wear my gym clothes, but anything you're comfortable in that won’t get caught on the holds is cool.


So you do wear specialist shoes which you rent from your bouldering place of choice, just like bowling or ice skating. They can be uncomfortable because your foot is being squashed up, but this is so you can stand on the holds safely and feel them to keep you on the wall! So long as you have a snug, comfortable fit then you’re good to go. Also, wear thin socks, they are rental shoes after all...


Warm up! Stretch and get your heart rate going, then start off slow on easier routes to warm up, working your way up to more challenging climbs. Also, chalk your hands before each climb but don't over chalk because this can make the holds slippery. Oh, and don't get chalk in your eyes cause it drys your eyeballs out and hurts.
Most importantly, have fun!

Let me know if and where you climb :] we can compare callus hands