Thursday, 22 August 2013

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink | H&M Mean Girls Top

Shut Up!
 I was out wandering the mall shops the other day, and I came across this grool Awesome top! If you've seen the film 'Mean Girls' and liked it, then you may see why I was jumping up and down and squealing in H&M.
It's soooooooooo Fetch! I just couldn't resist it, especially when jingle bell rock started playing in my head. I was literally so happy after my purchase :] Haha. I may sound like some kind of shopping junkie getting their fix, but for £7.99, that's some cheap crack...
Say crack again. Crack.
Sorry, I seem to be having a quoting fit, please bear with me!
So yeah, if your a 'Mean Girls' fan then go get it! I would like to stress that as much as I love the film, being one of the Plastics is not cool. It's just kind of...well, mean...hence the film name. Yet, that doesn't mean we can't all get along, wear the lovely top, and bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy...
I'm going to go now, before I actually quote the whole film.
Love ya! *kiss* *kiss*

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Serena Van Der Woodsen Messy Waves | Gossip Girl | XOXO

Spotted! Yours truly going gaga over Gossip Girl.
So, I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I’ve been addicted to this programme since it popped up on Netflix.
At first I was totally team S, but now I’m into season 4 I’m leaning more to B, anyone else?
I want to live on the upper eastside, shop in designer stores and holiday in the Hamptons...Maybe one day! In the mean time I’ll have to settle for trying to mirror their perfect image.
Trying being the operative word!
I’ve attempted to recreate Miss Serena Van Der Woodsen’s hairdo from S1 E4 - ‘Bad News Blair’.
Snapshot from episode
It’s all curly, crazy, messy waves, topped off with a cute pompadour/quiff. It’s a nice, easy look, and lasts well the next day. You can easily vamp it up with a little backcombing, and hairspray. I love this kind of hair style, untidy but cute :D

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Do I? Don't I ? | Tattoo Inspiration

Oh Pinterest, you do inspire me endlessly and cause me to have some strange obsessions. Like buying a tonne of sharpies in a bunch of colours, so I can colour & scribble on plates and mugs. Maybe afterwards, cleaning out a Nutella jar to make a magical little fairy land inside, with glitter. Lots of glitter.
 Is this just me? Am I alone in the crafty, obsessive DIY black hole!?
 Anyway, my newest fixation, thanks to Pinterest is tattoos. No, I'm not scribbling on myself with a sharpie! But a real glittery tattoo is something to think about...
 I’ve actually had a hankering for one for a while, (like a year)  I think I want a diamond, as it’s my birthstone and related to my name and they're pretty and I like them. (What girl doesn’t like a shiny diamond?) Looking on Pinterest has just made me crave it even more. I’m not quite sure why though; I am a tad worried about being a granny with a wrinkly ink splodge somewhere...Well, I was thinking wrist area, or upper arm...Maybe hand? Plus I’m a big baby with pain, but this is a minor detail. It's something else I will have to conquer, after conquering making a decision about if I do really want a tattoo, and where I want it, and size etc.
Whilst I ponder, I thought I’d share some of my favourite tattoo inspirations :] there’s some beautiful stuff out there.

P.S I'm not sponsored by Pinterest, I know I mention it a lot, but I just really like it! Sorry.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nice Cuppa Rosey Lea | Teapigs Tea

So I was in Wagamamas the other day for lunch (which is a Japanese restaurant - amazingly tasty) and my boyfriend ordered a liquorice and peppermint tea. Which he proceeded to rave about, so I figured being a good girlfriend and all, I’d hunt the tea down for him, which led me to Teapigs.
What did we do before Google?
Front - Liquorice & Peppermint, Chai Tea
Back L-R - Mao Feng Green Tea, Popcorn Tea & Tung Ting Oolong Tea
Teapigs are all about high quality, whole leaf tea, in a load of different flavours.  Naturally I was like a kid in a sweet shop perusing the website, and bought a few samples - including liquorice and peppermint for the bf.
So far I've only tried the popcorn tea, which actually also has green tea in it. I was pleasantly surprised, I know, it seems an odd flavour but it reminds me of Rice Krispies and Sugar Puffs :D It's really good, especially if you're not too keen on green tea, it masks it nicely.
Don't worry if you like to make your brew in a cup, (cut down on the washing up!) the tea comes in cute, silky tea temples, so you don't have to mess around with tea leaves. I'm really excited to try them all. It’s no secret that I am a firm believer in the magical power of green tea, I did a whole post dedicated to it, explaining why it’s so good for you, which I’ll link here if you fancy a nosey :]
 I’ll update you as I work my way through these, which I don’t think will take me very long at all!