Thursday, 26 September 2013

St Ives | Mini Staycation

Hello :]
I learnt how to schedule blog posts, which is super handy because I was away in Cornwall last week on a little break. Not that I think you would noticed, and also because the auto upload makes it seem like I'm here when I'm not! Which is nice and sad all at the same time.
Technology eh.
We (me and boyfriend) made the long trip down in the car, and stayed in St Ives, or as we liked to call it 'St Ive-not-seen-a-real-road-since-we-left-the-motorway.....S'.
It’s such a pretty place, and we were in a prime location (for walking, not driving!) pretty much in the centre of the village/town, in a cute, little rented apartment. If you’re into your arts & craft then this is definitely a place you should consider visiting, it’s literally jam packed with designer makers and one off pieces of work, ranging from drawings and paintings, to clothes, ceramics and surfboards. I thought I’d share a few pictures with you, because that will give you a better idea than I ever could with words!

As you can see from the bottom left image, I really enjoy a good cream tea haha.
If you are going, I highly recommend that you try Blas Burger Works, the food is incredible. Seriously yummy! I had a BBQ burger which I could have eaten a million times over, and the chips are served in a cute little tea cup with a delicious garlic mayo dip. However, the most impressive thing is the fact that everything in there is reclaimed, recycled or eco friendly. The furniture is cool and quirky, much like the walls and cutlery holders. It’s a really engaging place, which something to see everywhere you turn.
Also if you are of age and enjoy a tipple, it is imperative that you try the Cornish cider (or cyder) Rattler. You may only need the one though, as this stuff is potent at 6%. Nice and tasty though after a long trek across a couple of beaches, and easy to find as it’s on tap pretty much everywhere you go. You can get the full experience at Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm, about 40 mins away from St Ives.
We did a ghost walk of St Ives too, went to Newquay, visited the towns close by, lost a bunch of money in the arcades, gain a lots of pounds in weight from the great food, and generally just took in the nice harbour air and relaxed. Prefect. The weather was nice for us too!
Have you been to St Ives, or are you planning on going?
Let me know :]

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