Thursday, 18 July 2013

Heat Wave Hair | Fudge Salt Spray | Review

Oh, Hello Summer, how nice of you to join us.
Britain is currently in a Heat Wave :] Yay! It’s super sunny and hot and lovely, but alas, using a hair dryer in this weather? Or Ever? Urm no thanks.
So, as usual I have been really lazy with my hair and just left it to dry on its own.
 This is fine if I’m not going out in to public places, (think Friends, Monica's holiday hair) but sadly life doesn’t stop for the sun *sigh*
 My solution has been...
Fudge Salt Spray

 This stuff is awesome, I spray some in to my towel dried hair, scrunch and leave to dry. Easy. I don’t find it crispy or stiff, it leaves the hair soft and free to move, plus it smells incredible. Seriously, so good, kind of like sun cream & coconut freshness..? yeah, rubbish scent description, but you get the idea!
In this weather I would be lost without it. It gives great raw texture and brings out any natural waves, which you can refresh the next day by adding some more to the roots/lengths. The hold is pretty good, I have long, thick hair, and it keeps it all in place all day. I’ve tried the legendary Bumble & Bumble one too, but I think I really do prefer Fudge, (and so does my purse) and I seem to keep coming back to it. On top of all that, it protects your lovely locks from UV damage, and it’s packed with happy hair vitamins to keep it all looking and feeling good.
If you like the beachy, boohoo look or bed head hair then I highly recommend you try this out. I think for the job it does, it’s reasonably priced at around £8-£10, and it seems to last well because you don’t need to apply a tonne to get the results. Happy days!
Just remember that the sea salt dehydrates your hair, so apply a leave in conditioner before hand, or use a hair mask once a week.
I hope your having lovely weather where you are too :]
P.S I did a quick, non-heat wave tutorial using sea salt spray, if you want to see the results I’ll pop the video below.

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