Thursday, 25 July 2013

Conquering a Make-up Fear | Mac Select Moisturecover & Fix + Review

I did it. I finally conquered my fear. I stepped foot in a Mac store.
For someone who is quiet and shy, the thoughts of going in to a more premium make up store creates anxiety, and heart palpitations. Why? Well firstly because it’s way out of my comfort zone. I get the feeling that I don’t belong there, which is silly because as a paying customer I have every right to be in that store.
This is also linked to confidence, especially at the moment as my skin is flaring up, so having to walk into a place where all of the workers are naturally drop dead gorgeous (seemed to be a requirement to work in this store) with perfectly applied make up, and I wander in rocking a lovely range of red Kilimanjaros on my face...It’s just a bit uncomfortable to say the least!
 Secondly I’m scared that I won’t be able to say no if they start up selling. I end up creating a hypothetically, awful situation which escalates in my brain to me leaving in handcuffs because my cards get declined.
(I know, bit over dramatic, but my panicked mind runs away with me!)  I know it’s no big deal to the majority, but for me it was something to overcome.
So, I decided it was time, after walking past the store a couple of times and nearly talking myself out of it, I ventured in nervously...
And there was absolutely nothing to worry about.
The assistant was so nice, and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about being there. I just explained what I needed, and my skin type and she matched me up, applied some for me to see, then I toddled off to pay.
Easy peasy.
So after all that, what did I get?
Mac Select Moisturecover Concealer £15
Mac Fix + Travel Size £8
Well, I’ve been sporting some beautiful dark circles under my eyes lately, and the cult Collection Lasting Perfection concealer just wasn’t working for me. Crazy creasing = old  lady eyes.
The MUA suggested Mac Select Moisturecover, and she was spot on. It does what it says on the tin, it stays moisturised and it really brightens up the area, I think this is because it has a nice glow/sheen to it. (I’m in the shade NC15) I can also get away with using this on my face blemishes too, as it blends really easily, so that’s an added bonus. I’d say it was a light to medium coverage, so it doesn’t feel cakey on the face, but definitely set this with powder. I’ve only really used high street/drugstore concealers, so for my first high end product I’m very pleased :]
I also picked up Mac Fix +, because as I mentioned, my skin hasn’t been great lately so I’ve been leaning towards mineral make up. I can’t say it makes it all stay on any longer, but it definitely takes the edge off so it doesn’t look so powdery, and smells lovely! (This is also what the shop also smelt like! Is this a Mac thing?)
I’ve not had any irritation from it, and it feels nice and refreshing. However, if you’re looking for something to prolong your make up, I wouldn’t suggest this. I find it’s great for other things though, like dampening your make up brush to blend in liquid foundation, or making an eye shadow into an eye/brow liner. I like that it can multi task, it feels like it's paying for itself!
Overall I’m really impressed, and will definitely be saving some pennies to spend on some more products. That’s the only downside, the prices, but I feel like you’re paying for quality.
Any suggestions on what to try next are very much welcomed :]

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