Friday, 11 January 2013

Smashbox | Try It Kit | Review

After reading the most amazing reviews on the Smashbox primers I decided to cave and try it out. Obviously if there's an opportunity to try other stuff out at the same time I’m going to, so I opted for the ‘Try it Kit’ :] at £19 (not bad pricing either for 5 products) I picked this up way before Christmas, and I've been trying it out on and off in different scenarios since then!
First impressions were good! Speedy delivery, awesome packaging, free extra sample of the face primer, thank you very much.
I figured the best way to do this, is to do a little break down of each item:

Photo Finish Foundation Primer – I get the rave now, it’s silky smooth and holds stuff in place. A job well done. Yet in comparison to my Too Faced Primed & Poreless, I can’t say I saw a major difference. I find them similar on my skin, after trying them both with liquid and mineral foundation. I’m possibly more swayed to the Smashbox primer because it’s clear, whereas the Too Faced has a slight tint to it, swings and roundabouts though really.

Photo Finish Lid Primer – If you’ve read any of my other posts you might know I have super duper oily lids. Unfortunately this primer didn’t hack it for me, and isn’t a patch on Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. For someone with more normal eyelids it would most likely be fine, it’s a nice light, neutral colour and does bring out the true pigmentation of eye shadows.
Full Exposure Mascara – I really wanted it be awesome, but sadly it was too clumpy and not waterproof so a bad combo on my peepers. It’s lovely and dark though, not like some of the greyish mascaras you find, and it defiantly gives some volume, especially if your all for loads of mascara vs the natural look.
Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx – This is so smooth and pigmented! I find it good for blending out from the lash line for a smokey eye, but there’s no chance of it staying put in my waterline. Again, that is just my misfortune with my eyes! The only thing that stays in mine is the Bobbi Brown gel liners. This is a lovely pencil, but it doesn’t stand out from my others for what I would use it for.
Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume – Very pretty gloss, it’s glittery without being like the stuff you would get when your 5 with massive actual glitter chunks! Also it’s nude without making you look a little on the dead side. Yeah it’s sticky, but isn’t that the nature of gloss? And on the whole, it isn’t as glue like as other glosses. I can’t say I would go out and buy it, but I’m more of a lip balm/matte lipstick person anyways.
Overall, I think the only product I would possible buy from this kit is the face primer, which is all I really wanted to try anyway! Typical. Although it would seem I’m only fooling myself as I thoroughly enjoy trying out make up stuff. Beauty junkie.

If you've got some cash to spare and want to try out yourself you can find it here. Let me know what you think :]

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