Thursday, 17 January 2013

Topshop Disco Pants Review | Petite for the vertically challenged

Finally! I have found them! *golum voiceprecious!

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Now I know disco pants are nothing new, I'm currently sat here watching Buffy and they were definitely a slayer staple. However, now they've come back around, I am fully jumping on that bandwagon. Yet I refused to pay ridiculous prices (American Apparel) for short life fashion items, especially when they don't even fit me. (vertically challenged).

It didn't take long for them to infiltrate the cheaper end of the high street, and now I have them, all to myself, to call my very own thanks to Topshop.
(They were out of stock in store and online for agggggges!)
Sadly, they are still too long even though I got them in petite, but they still look cool with a small turn up. I like how shiny they are, and how all your junk is covered properly when you walk/move in general because they're real pants. None of that mock imitation leggings malarkey. The little gold button and back pocket detailing is what sets them apart from other cheaper versions. I wore them all day in work, on a shift were I was constantly moving, bending, lifting, eating, running, etc and they were so so comfortable, even with the high waisted fit.
Styling them, I find them extremely versatile, especially with them being black. I whack a printed Tee/slouchy jumper & ballet pumps on for the day, and a long sleeve button up blouse with some chunky platforms, and lots of bling & clutch for the evening.
 I think that they're a smart/casual staple, and at £30 I feel like this was money well spent. As an extra bonus, you need to go down a size in the Topshop ones - even in petite! That's something you can't put a price on, the feel good factor.
I'd defiantly recommend them :] Nice one Topshop, go check them out!

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