Monday, 3 December 2012

Look What The Postman Brought! | Compressed Face Masks

I got 10 for about £1 !

I think they look like little mints/sweets :]

Look what the postman brought! Little compressed face masks - So excited to use these :D I'll let you know how I get on, but the masks I'm planning on trying are below.
Any suggestions welcome :]

Lemon & Cucumber
Good for blemishes/breakout, lemon a natural acid which exfoliates and bleaches. Sounds scary but it's good for blemishes and scarring. You can't just whack it on your face though!! You Must dilute it with something else, like cucumber, which is soothing so a good partner.
Milk & Honey
Good for making your skin soft and clean, milk it good for controlling oil, and honey is stuffed with a tonnes of vitamins, and anti bacterial mechanisms.
Honey & Avocado
Good for dry skin, avocados are full of B, E and K vitamins.
Green Tea
This is fab for a lot of reasons that I rave about here 'Green Tea Benefits!'

P.S I got them off good old Ebay 

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