Sunday, 18 November 2012

So, Like I Was Sayi- OoH! SHINY | Twilight & Burt's Bees

You’re (I’m) in mid conversation with someone or doing some important task and then BOOM! Something sparkly catches your (my) eye and you’re (I’m) Distracted. Sadly, this is a common occurrence, I call it ‘Magpie Syndrome’. It happened just earlier today, I’d been to the gym, come home, showered, randomly picked up one of the many lotions and potions for body moisturising, applied it and BOOM! I was stuck, unable to look away, just stood there, staring at my arm and the precious sparkles for a good few minutes. Now, the reason I’m sharing this is because I’m off to see the very last Twilight film tonight (not as sad as the end of the Harry Potter films/my childhood, but still a little bit heartbreaking), and I thought this was a very happy accident. Shimmery body, off to see Twilight...Vamps that sparkle in the sunlight!?
The product in questions is ‘Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion with Royal Jelly’ I think I got this off the website a good 5 months or so ago, they were selling goodie bags for £20 and this came in it with a bunch of other stuff. I do like Burt’s Bees as a brand, the lip balms are fab (naturally, I have about 3 rattling around my handbag as we speak/type/read) it's made with highly natural products, and smells ‘leafy’ but in a good way. There's a whole 'radiance range' so you can layer up the glitter! Also, it's £8-10 for 175ml, you can't grumble at that!
The body lotion is moisturising, soaks in quickly without leaving a film or any funky residue. I slather it on once I’ve hopped out of the shower and my skin is still damp, and it still works fine. The most important point though, is that it leaves B-E-A-Utiful shimmery sparkles on the skin! Sadly my camera wouldn’t pick them up, but it looks lovely in natural light.
So yeah, if your off to see Twilight and fancy imitating a vampire for the night, I’d go grab a bottle of this :]

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