Monday, 10 September 2012

Lipbalm Horde

Hello, my name is Gem and I’m a lip balm addict.
I was having a sort out, and when I actually looked down at the little mountain mound next to me, I had to take a picture, even though it shames me. It’s unnecessary and bordering on unhealthy. I haven’t even dared to look in my other less used bags/car/outside of my bedroom. No one needs this many lip balms! Yet I can never find one, so I buy one, and then that one runs off, so I buy another, and so the circle is complete. It’s a miracle they stayed around long enough for me to snap a family photo. They disappear and reappear in random places worse than hair grips/bobby pins. (but that’s a whole other story)
But why can I never find one when I need one? Where do they go? How do they come back?  Is it just me? Why is this even a problem?
I refuse to buy any more, now that I’ve taken the time to find them. I’ll lock them up (although that aloe vera  looks like it’s already served some time) and redistribute a select few, maybe pop an extra one in my handbag for luck.
However, I can guarantee later, I’ll reach into my bag, in need of some balm, yet I will not for the life of me be able to find a single one.
Mind, blown.

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