Thursday, 20 September 2012

If Superheroes Drank Green Tea | The Benefits Of Green Tea

Bucket of goodness
Green tea
Yes it looks a bit like wee and I can’t say I love the taste, but it has amazing health/beauty benefits. Obviously it’s a million times better for you than fizzy drinks/soda/pop, but also much better than your morning cup of Joe and regular tea with milk, (hold the sugar thanks) and it still has the much needed caffeine that most of us seem to run on these days.
I drink 3+ big buckets cups a day, but like I said I’m not a big fan of the taste so I have green tea with lemon :] (Clipper if your interested) You can also buy it with jasmine, pineapple, cranberry and a tonne of other flowers and fruitiness, which I find make it more palatable. Depends on what you like really.
So, what does it actually do? Well, what it contains and what it can do has been researched by clever people in white coats which I will attempt to explain below:
Antioxidants - These are super important as they protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are produced when your body breaks down food, or when you’re exposed to rubbish environments like smoke from sticks of death, pollution, radiation - what if Peter Parker or Bruce Banner  had drank green tea...This isn’t aiding my discussion is it? So anyway these free radicals hurt your little cells, and can be responsible for heart disease, cancer and other bad stuff.

Catechins - Exclusive to green tea, an antioxidant that helps to thin the blood reducing the chance of blood clots

Vitamin E - Your body can't produce it so we get our intake from foods like nuts and oil. It combats free radicals and protects the cell membranes
Vitamin C - This is needed to make collagen, which plumps up your skin keep you younger looking. It also aids in the formation of liver bile, which helps to detoxify (Especially after a night out!)

Caffeine - Found naturally in tea and coffee, it’s a mild stimulant which boosts the heart rate and alertness (Also known as human fuel.)
Theanine or L-theanine - An amino acid that is found naturally in green tea, associated with relaxation, which can counter act the caffeine.
So with all the above, green tea can reduces the risk of: heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, blood clots, high blood pressure, heart attacks and osteoporosis. Generally boosting your immune system making you less likely to get the sniffles or man flu, or if your a student it reduces the risk of freshers flu.You can find more in depth sciencey stuff if you google green tea, some say it's good for weight loss and speeding up metabolism.
There you have it, green tea is like a magic potion for your insides, exterminating lots of free radicals and other junk zooming around.

When your insides are happy, it shows on the outside!
Go drink up, it’s good for you :]


  1. I drink a lot of green tea and it's also always with lemon! great post! :)

  2. I love green tea but i never knew it was so good for me! I will be drinking it more often now I have read this.

    Tanesha x


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