Friday, 14 February 2014

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Cleansing Oil | Review

When it comes to taking my makeup off, I am defiantly all about efficiency. If I can get my waterproof mascara, lip stick and foundation off all with one product, then that is a truly magical and wonderful thing! So I introduce to you, L'Oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Cleansing Oil. 
 *Ta Da*

Now I know, it says oil which is a little scary and makes me personally envision a shiny, slippery face. However, the nice thing about this product is that it emulsifies in to a lovely, milky lotion when it comes into contact with water, which is easily removed with more water or a cloth/flannel. It’s really easy to use and gets the job done without any hassle, making it way better than a cloth cleanser for me. It can struggle a little with heavy eye make-up, I’m talking lashes, smokey eye the whole shebag! In this scenario you may need to double cleanse one the eyes, but it will take it off without pain.
This is my first experience with cleansing oil, and I have to say I’m hooked. It is just so easy to melt my face off (not literally, just the make-up!) and wipe away. I’m mostly impressed by its ability to breakdown waterproof mascara without making my eyes sting. I have had one hell of a journey trying to find an eye make-up remover, on a budget, that doesn’t make my eyeballs fall out of my head. (I guess I’m feeling a touch dramatic today.Ha!) Still, for a product around the £5 mark this is a pretty amazing make-up remover, so where’s the catch? Well, it’s actually a personal opinion if it is a downfall or not, as it has mineral oil in it. If you’ve been looking into skincare and read a few blogs, then I’m sure you have stumbled across ‘mineral oil = bad’. My understanding is that it comes from petroleum, which is a natural thing from the earth. It’s purified before being used in cosmetics/pharmaceuticals, which makes it the safe form and not the raw type, which would be an issue. In fact because of the nature of it, the refined mineral oil doesn’t actually penetrate the skin. It sits on top so it can’t actually block any pores, which would obviously be a bad thing as it could lead to breakouts etc. The flip side of this is of course could be seen as it cannot deep cleanse, it just removes the surface dirt and grime. 

So it all depends where you fall in relation to mineral oil being in your products. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it if it is safe and not hurting anything. So of an evening I use this to take off my make-up, then second cleanse with Purity Conditioning Cleansing Lotion and that’s it. Super easy. 

Have you tried this cleansing oil? Let me know if there’s another cleansing oil I should try next!
I filmed a little evening skin care routine featuring this product too if you want to take a look :]


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