Saturday, 30 November 2013

Running Resistant Hair | Invisibobble Review

Like most long haired girls, I love me some bobbles/hair ties/ponytail holders, or hair accessories in general.
I have about a million different sizes, colours, and materials all living happily in my hair stuff draw, yet I’m always on the lookout for that perfect bobble.
I find that regular bobbles with the little metal clasp tend to pull, snap, and always leave a dent in my hair. So I bought the ones that have no metal claps, and they just stretched out to the point of no return, and eventually snapped too. Then I tried Remington 3 black elastics, and they were okay but I couldn’t get them tight enough to keep a high ponytail up. After that I ventured into the hair bungee, which was also okay but I found it took some practice to be able to use it properly on myself. Also, I like to have the option of tying my hair up by wearing a hair band on my wrist, and this is something you can’t do with the hair bungee.
Naturally, I was starting to lose hope. All I wanted was a durable bobble that would keep my hair up in a high ponytail without giving me headache, or denting my hair. When I saw the Invisibobble, I figured I might as well try it, seeing as I’ve fell for every other marketing ploy...

It stretches out when you use it, but shrinks back down :]
£3.75 from Boots

Firstly, I love that it’s called bobble because when I say ‘bobble’ in my YouTube videos, many people are like, ‘what the hell is she on about’. Haha.
It looks a little weird and I was pretty convinced it was going to get stuck in my hair, but it actually slides out really easy without bringing half your hair out too. It kind of sinks into your hair, so it grips it really well and doesn’t slip, but it is still visible and a little chunky. I quite like how it looks, but you could easily wrap some hair over it to conceal it. After wearing the Invisibobble at home and in work, it had ticked all the boxes, so I figured it was time for the ultimate test...The Gym.
Running on the treadmill and having your high pony slowly slip down your head to a low pony is so annoying and distracting. I am happy to report that it completely stayed in place! Yay! There is little to no movement, even if you try to tighten your ponytail by splitting it in half and pulling.
This little phone cord (remember those days!) hair tie is awesome. This is all I use now, especially if I’m wearing my hair up in a bun or high ponytail, I know I can throw this in with no worries.
Have you tried the Invisibobble yet?

If you want to see the bobble in action, I use it in this video below!

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