Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bulletproof Nails | Rimmel Salon Pro | Kate Moss

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Hope you had a sparkly 5th of November!
So sadly, I’m one of the unfortunate people who always seems to smudge and/or chip nail varnish within minutes of applying it. It doesn’t matter if I paint my nails at home or go for a manicure; it just doesn’t last very long! I’ve tried numerous brands which claim no chipping, long lasting etc...
No, I’m just kidding, they obviously just don’t work for me as my job is very hands on. So when I was out shopping the other day and saw this amazing colour ‘Barmy Blue’ from Rimmel, I figured I’d try it out but didn’t expect much. This is from the Rimmel Salon Pro line, and the colour is from the Kate Moss collection.
It claims to be a long lasting, chip resistant polish with a gel like finish.
The first thing I noticed was that the flat, dense brush had a rounded tip, making it such a nice shape to work with. I could never stay in the colouring lines as a kid, so you can imagine the state of my manicures. The colour pigment and application was really easy, it's not too thin or thick, so you can create very sheer or solid layers depending on how much time you have. The picture above shows 2 very thin coats, which is solid to the naked eye, but I did pop another coat on afterwards, just to make sure. I felt that the drying time was pretty much the same as my other polishes, but the finish is lovely! Very shiny and reminiscent of gel, and I haven’t even got to the best bit yet...It didn’t chip!
 It’s an actual miracle :]
I’m majorly impressed with this little pot of nail magic. I did put a top coat on, but it only started to chip on the 5th day, and even then it was only on a couple of fingers on my dominant hand, and on day 7 it was just wearing away slightly on the edges. It does say ‘with lycra’ on the bottle, which makes me think that the polish is more bendy, which is why it doesn’t really chip? (So scientific)

This is definitely my new favourite nail product, I was so impressed I went out and got another colour after the first couple of days of wearing ‘Barmy Blue’. (‘Punk Rock’ a pretty muted purple/grey) I’m planning on slowly owning them all because they are seriously top notch. I reckon if you added your top coat daily, it could realistically last well over a week.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you’ve tried this polish! I would love to know your holy grail nail products too :]


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