Thursday, 14 November 2013

Being Healthy Is Hard Work | 150 BPM Playlist

The Gym
 Where to start...I have an on, off relationship with this place, but the reason I try to go is because I just want to be healthy. (And because it costs me 40 quid a month) Who knew it would be so damn hard! I’m actually typing this in my gym clothes, putting off going...Oops!
I have fell into a lull of doing the same stuff and it's just became a boring chore. So in an effort to make myself more willing to go, I have started by revamping my running/jogging play list.
For me, there’s nothing more boring than running on the treadmill, I just end up watching the strip of fabric go round and round under my feet like a zombie hamster. So to combat this I have crafted my perfect BPM (beats per minute) song list. I jog comfortably at around 150 BPM, but found it pretty hard to compile a good list of songs I actually like. I wouldn’t say I have any particular taste in music, it really does vary, so I thought I would share my play list because I know I’m always on the lookout for new songs to add!
Surprisingly I have managed to re-energise myself, and make it a little more exciting to exercise.
The power of music hey.
What do you like to work out to?

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