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Quick, Easy DIY Halloween Costumes | Household Items

*sings* "This is Halloween, Halloween" *sings*
I know people who are petrified of the thoughts of sew, walking into a fabric shop breaks them out in a cold sweat, and even paying out for something they may wear once makes them feel ill. So I've been racking my brain to think of easy Halloween (or scary fancy dress) costumes, that can be made from household supplies. After raiding the cupboards, I think I've found 2 possible contenders... 
*Spooky Drum Roll*
 Witch &  Mummy
(With a possible zombie ballerina and/or demented black raven costumes in there too...Maybe?)
They're no sew, super easy costumes that cost less than a fiver and can be whipped up in 20mins or less! Now that's not scary at all is it? :]
x 1 pair of black tights/leggings
x1 black top
x3 black bin bags
A pair of scissors

This is a good basic skirt/tutu technique that's been flying around Pinterest for awhile.
1. Take your first bin bag, open it out and measure it around your waist, and attach another if needed to create a waist band to work on. (2nd image) (I'm UK Size 8 and used x2 bin bags)
2. Take another bin bag, open it and cut along the open end, so you create lots of thin loops (3rd image)
3. Fold the loops in half, and thread under the waist band (4th image), pull the ends of the strip through the little loop you created above the waist band to attach. (5th image)
4. Keep doing this until your skirt is full!(6th image) You can add bits of rags, ribbon, or anything else you like, for different textures and effects. Wear it with a black top, grab a broom and your good to go!
Further options:
5. You can take, yet another, bin bag and cut the closed bottom off so you have a tube. Step into the tube, and pull it up to your waists, pull the excess bag to the side and tie it roughly in a knot. This can be used as a lining for the tutu skirt.
6. Also, if you make the tube again out of another bag, and cut down the seam this time to create a large rectangle, this can be tied loosely around the neck to create a cape!
7. You can make other witchy accessories out of card like the hat, or roll up brown parcel paper with brown parcel tape to make a wand.
You could do it with white bin bags for a ballerina skirt, and maybe add some fake blood/red food colouring to zombie-fie it. Also, if you make the black tutu above, but only fill the waist band with the strips to about half way, it makes a cool cape that looks like crazy bird feathers.
x1 pair of cream/white tights/leggings
x1 long cream/white vest
x1 pair of white/cream shorts and x1 white/cream top
x5 4m rolls of bandages - 1 for each limb + your torso.
A pair of scissors
1. Take your bandages and wrap them over your clothes in random criss crossing ways...The end? 
2. Bandages are a bit more hard wearing than the good old toilet roll. I've used light cream and white bandages, and layered them up.
3. When your happy with the placement cut some holes in your tights/leggings, and you can do the same for your top so it looks old and moth eaten. (can moths even get in tombs?) Leaving bits hanging down, especially around the wrists looks cool.
That's pretty much it for this one! But that's what you want right - something quick and simple? 
You could always make the tutu again, out of white bags or those white dish cloths so it looks like unwrapped bandages. Fake blood or tea staining the bandages will add to the effect also :]
I'd class these as 'dispoable' costumes, as I doubt they would last more than one zombie rave.
So, there's 2 (maybe even 5 at a stretch!) costumes you could try. I'm planning on wearing the mummy one for Halloween, and if I do I promise to post a photo!
Hope this was helpful or at least a little inspiring :]
p.s  I'm off on my holidays tomorrow, see you in a week! x

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