Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A/W 12 | Hair Styles

Ponytails, centre parts, side parts, braids, twists, waves, quiffs, bouffants, fringes, buns, colour and accessories... *Phew!*
 So yeah, basically whatever you feel like doing with you lovely locks that day will no doubt be on trend. Awesome.

The fancy bouffant would be fab for a Christmas party don't you think? I like the look of the twisty pigtails too, but I don't think I have the patience for that. My favourites are the waviness, and I've been loving the top knot/high bun lately (like the top right picture)
Although for the winter I think my ears may get a little chilly.
 Nonetheless, it keeps it up and out of the way and can be done easily in 2 mins!
I was so excited I even did a video
Even though it's fun to do new hairstyles and stuff, everyone seems to miss the most amazing thing about A/W and hair....
You can wear your woolly hat so it doesn't even matter! :D
Yay for lazy hairstyles :]

P.s I've been MIA lately as I'm off on my jollies in a few days so it's all been a little bit hectic packing and prepping. I'll post more regular soon, promise! x

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