Thursday, 23 January 2014

Glam Glow | YOUTH-MUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment | Mask Review

  I don’t know about you, but I have heard amazing stuff about the Glamglow face masks. The word ‘Miracle’ has been thrown around a fair bit, along with ‘Amazing’, so it’s bound to get a girl interested! I love that you can order samples off the website with free delivery, as the larger product is around the £40 mark. I ordered the 'GLAMGLOW SUPER GLAMTASTIC Try Before You Buy' which is only £8. You get 2 Youth-Mud and 2 Super-Mud so that's just £2 per facemask! Bargain :] This is a great way to try something pricey out without the risk of wasting your hard earned pennies. 


After taking off my makeup and cleansing I tried the Youth-Mud mask for the very first time. It smelt clean but floral, and also like the seaside or beach, which is actually a lovely, soothing combination of scents. The texture of it was like any other mud or clay mask, except this felt a little sandy, and had chunks of tea leaves in it which was pretty cool. As soon as I put it on my face it started to tingle, but it was by no means uncomfortable or to the point of eye watering. (Which is what happened when I used the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque!) As it started to dry back, I could see it pulling out all the junk clogging my pores, especially around my nose where the mask got darker. It did feel tight on the face, but again it wasn’t uncomfortable. When I came to wash it off it turned into an intense scrub, like a real rough, gritty, exfoliator. I must admit I was scared after my last exfoliating experience caused more problems than it solved, but this felt amazing!

There’s absolutely no way any photograph could show how amazing my skin felt afterwards. My blemishes were reduced in texture and redness, and overall the surface of my face was so much smoother, plus crazy soft. If you use this, you will stroke your face for hours afterwards in wonder! Haha. It really is a miracle worker! 

This didn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight, and it got rid of some annoying dry patches from old blemishes. I'm completely bowled over by this face mask. I’m excited to try the Super-Mud mask now, and I might even order the eye mask that they do too. I strongly suggest trying the samples of this to see how great this product is for yourself.

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