Friday, 1 March 2013

Macadamia Hair Oil | Review

Macadamia Natural Oil for the hair? It's bloody awesome. Go try it.
The End.
That’s the top and bottom of it, but I guess you probably want to know why, so I shall expand on the magicalness below...

*Warning! May cause hair flipping and flicking('cause your worth it)*
So, I have long, thick, coloured hair, that’s definitely prone to a curl and wave on a regular basis, or a blast from the hair dryer, and tumble with a hairbrush. Sorry Hair. In other words, it gets a tad abused, but Macadamia oil sorts it all out for me, so my hair looks pretty and doesn’t fall out with me/off my head.
- It can be used on all hair types, on wet or dry hair and as a deep treatment or everyday control and shine booster
- When you pop it on damp hair, the oil pushes out the water because, obviously, water and oil don’t get along. So this makes your hair dry quicker, and if you leave it to dry naturally it’s also healthier
- On dry hair it not only tames the frizz and hides split ends, but it also gives your hair a natural shine
- You only need about a 10p size, at the very most, so it lasts a very long time. I’m only just at the end of my 30ml bottle that I’ve had since around October, which I’ve used it at least 3 times a week, so it’s great value for money
- Application is easy peasy. Pour out onto your hand, and always rub into palms before smoothing it evenly over the lengths of your hair. Never near your scalp because shiny roots aren’t a good look
- Also, it smells good. I would say it’s a nutty masculine smell, but not overpowering or that noticeable when its on your hair
I got my little pot of joy here, but you can get it on Amazon too and no doubt a tonne of other sites.
I’ve tired argan oil, which I found wasn’t anywhere near as good, but I’ve not had a chance to get my hands on the Moroccan oil. I’ve read/heard that the latter has a strong scent and is much heavier? Any thoughts?
Gem :]

P.S I'm all well and mended now - Yay! x

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