Monday, 17 December 2012

Current Favourite Face Moisturisers | The Body Shop

So, I have been quite enjoying rediscovering products this month. Mainly because I’m skint due to Christmas present buying.  (I tend to go a little a good way – well, for the recipients anyway!)
I riffled through my box of half used, abused and forgotten about beauty junk and found a whole new world of amazingness, like these two little beauties below...
The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily moisturiser £12  - 50ml
I got this at the time because I wanted something with SPF 30 in, and I could only find this and a Natio one, which I wasn’t too fond of (the Natio moisturiser smelt a little too ‘herby’ for me). This Body Shop moisturiser is great though, it smells like oranges obviously because of the vitamin C, but it’s really fresh and nice for waking you up in the morning.
 I love how it feels like you’re feeding your face tasty goodness, without feeling heavy or greasy,  and make-up sits nicely on top. Not sure what else you could ask for in a day moisturiser, plus I don’t find the price off putting, because it does the job bloody well!
 The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream £11 - 50ml
Before I got this I’d been swearing by Purity’s night cream (which is also awesome & natural) but then went on a crazy vitamin rampage, and decided that I’d pick this up when I got the day moisturiser above. It was also on ‘3 for 2’ and I’m such a sucker for stuff like that! I got a tea tree face scrub in the offer, but really didn’t rate it.
Anyway, if you want super duper soft skin, buy it.
 If you want something to help work on your blemishes overnight, definitely buy it.
I don’t find it too heavy, which is something I worry about with night creams, in case they block pores and cause more problems. I feel like I saw a difference in older spot marks and blemishes when using this, so big thumbs up for that. I think Boots do the same thing for about £3 though, so next time I see it I’ll have to pick it up, especially because my night cream is running out! To make it go a little further, I’ve been adding a drop of Bio-Oil when I apply it at night, and that definitely amps up the healing and moisture levels. My face is so soft in the morning :] Yay!
So to sum it it up:
 Daily moisturiser = Good
Night moisturiser = Good - but a possible cheaper version on the horizon.
Gem :]

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