Saturday, 3 November 2012

Concert / Gig | Outfit, Hair & Make up

Set Scene
Location: Computer | Time: 8:30am | Mood: Eager/Excited/Anxious
Purpose: Purchase tickets for favourite band/person - on sale at 9:00am

8:30am - Get out of bed. Make cup of tea. Turn on computer. Go to ticket page...Wake up
8:58am - Stare at computer screen obsessively hitting refresh O_O *click click*
9:00am - Site crashes *curses*
9:20am - Now in a queue of 4521569746541231 people (Damn them all!)
9:30am - Finally get X amount of tickets and proceed to payment *squeal*
10:00am - ...Still filling in the form which asks you things about yourself you don't even know - Favourite film!? I can't choose right now!
10:10am - Failing to get the word verification right 50 times because it's so damn blurry
10:30am - 2hours later and it is done!! Purchase complete. Awesome! *bask in glory*
10:31am - .....'Wait...what do I wear!? I have nothing to wear!...Ahhh' *freak out*
This is normally how it goes for me whenever I try to get tickets, (even thought they're on sale months in advance of the actual event!) but I think I've got the attire down now. A lot depends on the type of gig/concert your attending, but I figured I'd just share my tips anyway, and you can tweak as you please :]

Bag: Boohoo / Cross Tshirt & Jeggings: Topshop / Hoody: Topman / Boots: River Island / Cardigan: New Look
Nails: OPI - Ink
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay - Sidecar


So, the pictures show what I wore when I went to see Ed Sheeran! I had standing tickets, so ideally wanted to get there early to queue to get near the front. Seeing as it was in Manchester, in November, the chances of it being dry weather were slim, so I tried to cover all bases with outfit, face and hair.


Think onion! Onions have layers! (Yay Shrek!)

I had a black vest on under the cross T-shirt, then a cardy, and sleeveless hoody, and I also wore a black woolly scarf. This covers all the bases of possible English weather, and I could gradually peel off my layers as I got acclimated.

Leg wise, I passed on jeans because they can be uncomfortable if you get warm. Instead I opted for jeggings, but leggings would be good too. Being comfortable is also important, especially if you’re standing, which leads me nicely onto the footwear. Chances are, if you’re standing/squashed next to people, you'll get stood on at some point. I wore my boots because my feet were cold, but converse are ideal - they have that rubber toe bit to protect the little piggy’s.

Lastly, choice of bag. Now, I'm paranoid that someone will pick pocket me at a gig, so I always go for either a cross body or small shoulder bag, with a zip fastening or the ones that have a large flap over. If you can, take one that's big enough to fit your light layers in.

Voila! You can be weather appropriate, comfortable and not have to hold your jacket the whole time.


This is mainly depends on your hair type, and how unruly it can get in warm/humid situations. I'll usually just go with down (bottom right picture), because I'm lazy! But if it gets hot, I'll whizz it up into a little top bun (bottom left picture) or ponytail. Bear in mind that people might have drinks, and tend to get excited and jump whilst waving their arms...with their drinks in hand...yeah. So minimal effort on the hair front I would say, just keep it up and out of the way.

Make Up

So, again, totally optional and dependant on your own little routine. I just went with a BB cream, and a neutral shimmery colour across the lid. I also whacked a bit of eyeliner on and smudged it on the lower lash line to so if my make up did run, it looked like it should be that way anyways. Crafty. Nail varnish is not essential, but it looks pretty!

It's all pretty logical stuff, but I hope it's helpful :]



Here's some pictures of the Ed Sheeran gig, in case you’re interested...It was amazing!

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