Monday, 1 October 2012

STOPTOBER | For Non Smokers!

Did you see the advert on TV? If you’re English and a smoker, go look – it’s here! Basically thousands of people across England are going to unite, and ‘keep calm’, and drink a lot more tea in order to stop smoking for the month! ‘Stoptober’ is a great campaign, at the end of it you could come out a non-smoker, with some extra money, better health and even a longer life, and also reduce passive smoking :] Can't really grumble at that.

I don’t smoke, but I like the idea of quitting something, or a number of things for a month, to help myself and/or others. Plus, if I  can handle a month, then I guess I'm less likely to continue the habit! I also really like the name.
 So for these 28 days I shall stop doing 5 (adventurous?) 3 things in order to improve my health/lifestyle:

    1. Stop being lazy
(This is a lazy aim in its self, must expand) Actually, physically move and go to the gym. I've got out of my routine. So no more thinking of going, then finding it too much effort to get ready, (because I'm a girl) and then saying ‘I’ll go tomorrow’

 2. Stop snacking

Healthy snacking between meals isn’t bad, but it's the nibbling away unnecessarily at the chocolate unhealthy stuff that is! Eat.Less.Junk.

 3. Stop over spending

It's getting a bit silly and excessive, my wardrobe and draws are bursting. As much as the shiny, shiny,  shoes tell me they need me, I will (sadly) leave them, all alone, un-purchased, and walk on by, in my old shoes.

Hopefully (if I survive), come November I shall be healthier and a little bit richer. Hurray! 

P.s   Hopefully this won't result in NO!vember, the month of regret.

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